Quote of the week!

Last Friday I met with an architect friend of mine for drinks and obviously our conversations evolved around our projects, our clients and of course design! She has just completed a big residential renovation in central London and the client, although extremely happy with the result and the contemporary-sleek design, told her that he could have done it without her help!!!

I was so annoyed from that comment! To deliver a sleek, simplistic, truly minimalistic design requires a vision and a ton of work. You need to refine so many details, make sure nothing will interrupt the design and choose the right materials that can perform they way you need them to. Minimalism is the most unforgiving style of all, the details need to be well thought through and perfectly executed!

My friend, cool as a cucumber, was not upset at all and told me that if her client feels that way, then she has truly succeeded in delivering a minimalistic design! 

For everyone out there who doesn't understand that effortless requires a lot of effort, I will let Charles Eames do the explaining! :-)

xx Fay


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