New New New!!

I don't know about you but I personally LOOOOOOVE changes! They make me feel refreshed and energised and they spark my imagination, something so vital when you are working in the creative industries.

As an interior designer, change is a big part of my everyday life. People come to me because they want something different and new; they want to renovate, to convert, to replace, to re-style, to improve, they want change!! A new project usually means new layouts, new materials, new colour combinations, new furniture, it makes me so excited!! 

Since the beginning of the year I have changed my home, my neighbourhood, my business associates, my office and my website. And although not all of the changes were by choice, I still embrace every single one of them as an opportunity to evolve and experience something new.

Take a look at my my new website below and subscribe on the blog if you want to hear more from me! I hope you will enjoy my latest projects!

xx Fay